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Platinum Eternity Rings

Every eternity ring is an exclusive piece of jewellery because of the memories associated with it. This makes full eternity rings in platinum with brilliant-cut diamonds, princess diamonds or baguette diamonds even more valuable.

Browse through our catalogue. Choose your favourite model and make it your very own eternity ring in platinum.

Your eternity ring in platinum will remind you for a lifetime of the most beautiful events, be it the birth of children, a beautiful journey, a promotion or simply love.

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Platinum Eternity Rings & Eternity Bands

Eternity rings in platinum are superlative pieces of jewellery. Rare, high-quality and created for eternity - the precious metal platinum is simply heavenly. Processed in the form of eternity bands, platinum is at its best. The highest quality precious metal of all time paired with shared, unique memories in the form of sparkling diamonds makes platinum eternity rings or platinum stack rings one of the most exclusive keepsakes a woman can wear. Live your dreams and then immortalise them in a platinum eternity band.

True masterpieces: Eternity rings in platinum

At acredo you can choose between a total of four alloys for your platinum eternity rings: two platinum 600/- alloys or two platinum 950/- alloys. Platinum 950/- is always PlatinumGold at acredo and consists of 950 parts platinum and 18 parts gold, making it the purest of all available alloys. Alternatively, for your eternity rings in platinum, we offer RiverPlatinum, the whitest of all platinum alloys. Combined with exquisite brilliant-cut diamonds, platinum wedding rings are an expression of pure luxury and unique love. In addition to its high purity and quality, the precious metal is distinguished above all by its wearing comfort and colour stability. No discolouration and a pleasant feel make eternity rings in platinum dreamy pieces of jewellery and an eternal symbol of your love.

With love and dedication to the perfect ring

Whether in the design studio, the manufactory or the consultation centres - working with eternity rings in platinum is a special pleasure for us. Because almost anything can be combined with the white colour, the material is particularly suitable for setting diamonds and every brilliant-cut diamond tells its own story. Our staff and the online configurator will present different variations and adapt the ring to your personal preferences. Get inspired by the unique material, your love and our staff and find your dreamy eternity rings in platinum.