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Urban Style

Urban life is fast, often noisy and hectic. It demands flexibility and adaptability. Demands that must also be met by engagement rings and wedding rings worn in an urban environment.

Urban style asks for engagement rings and wedding rings that can be easily combined with other jewelry and that are resistant. At the same time, they should be refined and individual.

True combination artists are silver-coloured wedding rings made of white gold or platinum. The latter is particularly tough and resistant. Get inspired and create your own individual design to suit your urban lifestyle.

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Urban Wedding Rings - casual and adaptable

The urban lifestyle is characterised by speed, unlimited diversity and constant change. Are there wedding rings suiting this urban attitude to life? It calls for innovative, original jewelry that easily adapts to style, changes and everyday life.
It should be casual, look good at the same time and, of course, be modern. The urban type, at home in the cities of this world, likes to opt for simple wedding rings combined with an individual touch.

Urban is Platinum

The urban lifestyle is often turbulent. For wedding rings, this means that they have to withstand something. Platinum is tough and therefore perfectly suited to life in the city. With urban wedding rings made of platinum, you will feel comfortable for a lifetime. Also because of its particularly beautiful feel and wonderful weight. Platinum is the alloy for the urban lifestyle.

Urban individuality

The urban look is always individually interpreted and reinvented, even in the case of wedding rings and engagement rings. By combining the pure white platinum alloy with a special play of colours, discreet surfaces or simple details, individual ring dreams are created. Charismatic stone settings are absolutely on trend as eye-catching accents, not overdressed but still stylish.

Urban wedding rings perfectly complemented

Simple but glamorous jewelry perfectly complements casual wedding rings and skilfully rounds off the urban style. The modern jewelry sets from acredo consisting of a diamond ring, ear studs and necklace are wonderfully coordinated and look great as individual pieces or worn harmoniously in combination.