Your Voice

becomes unique

ZWEIKLANG® is more than just a ring. - It is a tribute to the love shared between partners.
Two soundtracks, which are spoken in, set the
surface of the rings in motion and together create a structure of delicate waves. Just as you complement, strengthen or balance each other in your relationship, so do your voices.
Your rings become a living symbol for your ever-changing and unique partnership.

At the leading jewellery trade fair, ZWEIKLANG® was nominated for the Inhorgenta Next Generation Retail Award in 2022. This was followed in 2023 by the iF Design Award and the German Design Award Special.



You decide what you want to immortalize with your voices on your rings. Your names - lovingly spoken by you, your wedding vows or something very individual.


Record your personal messages one by one in our configurator. Watch how they change the surfaces of your designs and form your very own individual rings.


If you now change the width of the rings, or the ring profile, the surface with your voices automatically adapts. Add a diamond wreath for a sparkling detail.


Voilà, your very individual ring design is ready! Now you can sit back. Our goldsmiths will make you your very personal wedding rings.

ZWEIKLANG® is a patented concept by egf- Eduard G. Fidel GmbH, a company that stands for highest quality and sustainability. Our rings are 100 % made in Germany and certified climate neutral.

"ZWEIKLANG" was nominated for the lnhorgenta Next Generation Retail Award in 2022 and won the iF Design Award and the German Design Award Special in 2023.

start now with

start now with

your voice

Start by recording your voices in the configurator on the special website, adjust the rings according to your ideas, save the result and make an appointment for a consultation at an acredo location of your choice.

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