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Engagement Rings inspiring & unique

The engagement is one of the most beautiful moments in life. And the engagement ring is an essential part of it.

Even as girls, women dream of the moment when the box opens and the engagement ring sparkles to reveal itself. Presented by her sweetheart, of course.

For this moment and for the rest of your life, we show you a wide variety of the most beautiful engagement rings. You simply choose your favourite model and we are happy to advise you.

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acredo Engagement Rings - Perfect for true love

„Will you marry me?“ - the question of all questions. The "Yes, I will", the perfect moment and a unique engagement ring cannot be missing on this day. The custom of accompanying the marriage proposal with an engagement ring has been in existence since ancient times. Despite the fact that in the olden days, engagement rings mostly ensured the dowry, they have been a symbol of special love and commitment since time immemorial. Whether it has been chosen as a romantic surprise for your sweetheart or you have chosen it together, proposal rings will bring a shine to every woman’s eyes. Because they stand for a future together with the person closest to your heart.

Proposal rings by acredo: a perfect addition to your wedding rings

Classic engagement rings are mostly solitaire rings with a single diamond. In the United States, the solitaire ring has a long tradition and no expense and effort is spared. The engagement ring can cost up to three monthly salaries. Also in Germany, the engagement ring is increasingly becoming the trend – a trend that remains. Because even after the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring can continue to be worn by the bride as a complementary ring. The engagement ring will change from her left finger to the right finger and should match the wedding rings.

Engagement rings from acredo harmonise very well with your future wedding rings due to timeless materials such as platinum, gold and white gold, the simple diamond settings and the profile shapes that match the wedding rings. Adorn yourself with your proposal ring specifically on special occasions to openly express your happiness.

The design of the Engagement Ring is in your hands

Enchant your sweetheart by configuring the engagement ring yourself and add another personal touch to your marriage proposal. The acredo wedding ring designer allows you to customise the proposal ring to your partner’s style and once again demonstrate how unique she is. Yet, engagement rings designed together are also something very special. With the acredo wedding ring designer, they are the result of joint concepts, ideas and compromises. The acredo consultants in our wide range of stores are always glad to assist with the configuration of your engagement rings, and offer advice on the different materials and the appropriate setting of the diamond. In this way, your individual engagement rings are sure to please you throughout your life and will be the first symbol of joining your hands in marriage.