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Signature Gold Engagement Rings

Engagement rings in signature gold are very acredo. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique gold tone in beige rosé.

Signature Gold was especially developed by our specialists for acredo. The alloy is available in 14kt or 18kt gold. With its soft colour, it stands for the premium quality of the brand like no other alloy.

Choose your favourite model in Signature Beige Gold for an exquisite proposal.

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Signature Gold Engagement Rings

Black and beige have been anchored in the acredo CI for years. So it made sense to develop a gold tone that reflects the brand's identity. The idea is one thing. The realisation is a lengthy process in which the entire expertise of the manufactory was involved. At the end of the development process is a unique alloy for engagement rings and wedding rings that perfectly reflects the premium quality of acredo.

Signature Gold - the shade

The shade of Signature Gold is noble and warm. It is subtle and restrained and therefore suits many skin types. The shade is based on beige and has a hint of rosé. Depending on the incidence of light, it sometimes has the colour of a hazelnut. This guarantees that the diamonds always play the leading role in connection with Signature Gold.

Engagement rings in Signature Gold can accordingly be excellently combined with all diamond shapes. At acredo you will find engagement rings in Signature Gold with round diamonds, the brilliants, or diamonds in the princess, baguette, emerald, navette, heart or oval cut.

Made in Germany

Engagement rings in Signature Gold are, like all our engagement rings, wedding rings or eternity rings, Made in Germany. In our manufactory, unique engagement rings are created in a combination of the most modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. For thousands of bridal couples every year they are the beginning of the marriage journey.