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Engagement Rings above $ 3.000

Explore our most beautiful designs for high end engagement rings from $ 3,000 here. Get inspired, choose your favorite and your own.

The engagement ring is the most meaningful gift you will ever buy. It symbolizes your love and the promise of togetherness. When buying it, you should not depend on rules, but look for the ring suiting best to you and your love.

Our promise: Made in Germany, certified premium quality and GIA certificate for diamonds from 0.3ct. Made with love for Love.

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Luxury Engagment Rings from $ 3.000

When it comes to the question of all questions, a little luxury is helpful. The engagement ring as a gift is hard to beat in terms of importance. Therefore, it is worth investing time in choosing the perfect engagement ring and a budget starting at $ 3,000. Especially to meet the secret wishes and style of the bride-to-be with the dream ring.

The way to the engagement ring from $ 3,000

How to decide on the right ring? Define a budget that you feel comfortable with. Try to gain confidence by talking about it. Discuss with close friends, get advice from experts and fathom the wishes and ideas of the future bride. Then you will succeed in finding the perfect engagement ring. For sure.

The best diamonds for your engagement ring

Luxury engagement rings from $ 3,000 come in many styles. Most of them also feature diamonds on the side of the ring, which sparkle in competition with the large centre stone. However, this is clearly the centre of attention. At acredo, only the best is good enough for your love. Therefore, only the best diamond qualities are available for selection. All diamonds from 0.3 ct automatically have a GIA certificate, which confirms the excellent cut and the top quality.

Romanticism or subtle elegance

The ring bands of engagement rings from $ 3,000, thus also for engagement rings from 5,000 or $ 10,000, are solid and, as mentioned above, usually decorated with additional small diamonds. The diamond rows are single or multiple on the ring or they resemble an eternity ring garnished with a large diamond in the middle. The diamond rows are also possible with princess or baguette diamonds. If you appreciate subtle elegance in your engagement ring from $ 3,000, you can also find ring bands without stones at the side, which show off the diamond in the centre like a star. For the romantics, we have incorporated little hearts into some designs.

Creative engagement rings from $ 3,000

You love it creative and are looking for a multi-coloured engagement ring from $ 3,000? We can also fulfil this wish. We make it possible by combining a wedding ring with an add-on setting. The full creativity of the wedding ring configuration with different discs, grooves, waves, surfaces and patterns is available for the ring. With this basic ring, the add-on setting with a prong or bezel setting is firmly anchored.

The decisive factor

The deciding factor for the price of the engagement ring, besides the quality of the stone, is definitely its size. At acredo we offer the entire spectrum from 0.1 ct up to 2.0 ct and even more on request. An engagement ring from $ 3,000 features a centre stone of 0.7 ct and larger, depending on the stones set on the side of the ring. There are hardly any upper limits to the budget. This is demonstrated not least by the engagement rings of the Celebreties. Dream and reality at the same time.